Andras I of New Castrova is the Paramount Emperor of New Castrova.

Early LifeEdit

Andras Vanderon was born to a pair of Oppidumites, a group of tribals found in the Empire of Castrovsk, just outside of the capital of the Empire, Castrova. Andras's mother claimed to be a descendant of the infamous conqueror, Jumbok IV, while his father was the son of their tribe's chief. Desperate to live up to his ancestor's glory, Andras attempted to lead the Oppidumites in a rebellion that was intended to overthrow the Emperor of Castrovsk and place himself on the throne in a vain attempt to transform himself and his tribe into great conquerors like his ancestor. When few Oppidumites joined his rebellion and the authorities got words of his attemp, the Emperor of Castrovsk ordered his arrest. launching a series of raids on churches, Andras stole enough wealth to pay for passage on a merchant ship heading toward SimNation, allowing himself and his few followers to escape arrest and go into exile. Andras and his followers had the merchants drop them off on an island just outside of the territorial waters of SimNation. He declared himself and his followers to now be New Castrovans, declared himself to be their Paramount Emperor and founded the nation of New Castrova on the island.


Shortly after landing on the island, Andras and several other New Castrovans began making camps and worked to cultivate the land. When not tending to his farm or matter among his people, Andras explored the island and searched for anything of use to his people. As time went on, he discovered artifacts, ruins and maps of Takemizu, Twikkii Island and a village called Three Lakes in Bestachewan which proved that there had been past settlement on the island which appeared to have been connected with his ancestor's conquests. Elated with this discovery, Andras worked to boost his people's morale and became even more determined to see his settlement grow into a true nation. His primary goal became the seeking of a spouse from his people so that he could create a true dynasty.

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