The Free Principality of New Castrova
New Castrova
175px 175px
State Flag State Seal
Motto Victory through integrity
Founder Jennicor I, Princess of New Castrova
Capital City New Castrova
Government Type Subnational Constitutional Monarchy
Civil Executive Governor-Mayor
Civil legislature Council of New Castrova
Civil Judiciary State Court of New Castrova
Sovereign Prince of New Castrova Fricorith I
Hereditary Prince of New Castrova
Princely House House of Tricou
Demonym New Castrovan
Ethnic groups Sims, Aliens, Werewolves, Zombies, Servos, Vampires, Plantsims
Official language Simlish

The Free Principality of New Castrova is both a city and a state within SimNation that has semi-autonomous status. Originally a Castrovan colony founded by Jennicor Tricou, New Castrova declared independence from Castrova, taking form as a Principality, and requested membership as a state of SimNation, which was desperate to secure its frontiers, in exchange for the preservation of the newly founded monarchy and nobility of New Castrova and the granting of a degree of special autonomy to the territory. After a month of deliberation, SimNation accepted New Castrova's request to join its union as a state with special autonomy, though it dictated that the realm would be governed as a constitutional monarchy rather than an absolute one, resulting in the formation of the position of Governor-Mayor of New Castrova and the creation of the Council of New Castrova.


New Castrova is one of the few SimNation states that has its own regional nobility. Under its non-sovereign monarch, the (Sovereign) Prince or Princess of New Castrova and their Prince or Princess-Consort, are the Princes and Princesses of the Blood, a rank automatically conferred by being a family member of no more distant a relation than two generations (grandchild) from any present or previous Prince or Princess of New Castrova. Spouses of Princes/Princesses of the Blood do not themselves become Princes or Princesses of the Blood, though they hold by marriage any other title(s) their spouse holds. The heir to the throne of the Principality (chosen from the reigning monarch's children under normal circumstances, or their siblings or even cousins in extraordinary circumstances by a family council) is styled as the Hereditary Prince of New Castrova. The Noble titles (in descending order) of Duke/Duchess, Marquess/Marchioness, Count/Countess, Viscount/Viscountess and Baron/Baroness are conferred to members of the Princely family and society at large based on merit.

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